Disaster Assistance and Response Team (DART)

Be the Change. Give Hope.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, violent conflict. We are increasingly aware of natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Are you impacted by such devastating news and want to give in a practical, tangible way? To not just give money, but to actually go to the disaster area and help those in need? Here is your opportunity to Be the Change and Give Hope.

Since 2012, GAiN has been building a team of international volunteers trained to be sent to disaster areas worldwide and provide efficient, effective, professional-quality assistance and support. DART is a team of trained christian volunteers who deploy when a disaster strikes. The DART team provides assistance in the form of food and clothing distribution, shelter provision, medical advice and trauma counseling, as well as initiating long-term reconstruction and development projects.

More about the concept

Bringing hope to refugees in Iraq

Between chaos and hate

"It's so wonderful to hear that in the midst of chaos and the hate IS has been spreading for years, there are people who work towards peace between different religions. They help to raise a new generation that will learn early on to play, work with and respect others and live together in peace."

Hauke Burgarth

Be part of the team

People affected by disasters are vulnerable and in need of assistance to change their circumstances, not only physically, but also emotionally and psychologically. People need hope in order to begin the process of rebuilding their lives. You can be that change; you can give hope.

Do you...

  • Have a passion to serve the most vulnerable?
  • Have good English skills?  

Are you...

  • A Christian?
  • Flexible and available on short notice?
  • Available for a minimum of 3 weeks and up to 3 months at a time?
  • Able to live and work in a multicultural team under difficult conditions? Physically fit?

Then you can apply!  

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